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would truly begin. >> there's a sanctity in the air that they're trying to see who does it belong to among these 115 cardinals? who is the person who is holy? and that's the toughest judgment of all. >> reporter: then when the world sees white, inside the sistine chapel, the dean of cardinals will ask the newly elected pope if he accepts the result and if he does, he is from that moment the new pope and chooses the name he will then be called. next he walks to the nearby room of tears, so-called because some newly elected popes have cried there as they absorb the enormity of the moment. he then dons his new robes, put the papal ring on his finger and is led down the hall of blessing to the central window of st. peter's basicila where he is introduced to the masses with a simple latin phrase, habemus papam, we have a pope. the world's wait continues and if history is any indication of how long this might take, keep
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in mind that none of the last four conclaves lasted more than three days. but also keep in mind the last conclave to go more than five days was back in 1831. that one took 50 days. josh elliott, abc news, vatican city. and we will hear again from josh later today on "good morning america." and he did mention, of course, boston's cardinal sean o'malley in that piece and we're learning that o'malley is emerging as an unlikely star in rome and also a top contender for pope >> that's right. he's usually seen as in his humble robes of his kapuchin order and earned a anymoremake the cappuccino priest. he's traded in that robe this week for the much more festive cardinal red and even ditched the sandals. >> but also a moment of chaos at the vatican yesterday. just step as way from st. peter's basicila these women took their tops off to protest what they call patriarch ki of the church and protesters set off pink flares chanting no more
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pope before they were all eventually restrained by officers then carried to a police station. and, of course, you can count on abc news for complete coverage of the conclave with diane sawyer. she's anchoring for us live right there in rome. and one more major development involving the church. the archdiocese of los angeles has reached a nearly $10 million settlement involving four sex abuse victims. 9 case involves ex-priest michael baker who admitted that he did in fact molest kids. it said the church did not do enough to stop him even after he confessed. the sex abuse scandal is one of the many challenges to be faced by the next pope. breaking news from louisiana bayou country. it struck by an oil barge pushed by a tugboat. they were engulfed in flames. all four tugboat crew mes suffered injuries, the most serious the captain who sustained second and third-degree burns. the section of pipeline struck
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has been shut down so only oil inside of it will burn. to politics now and battle over the budget. president obama makes another trip to capitol hill this afternoon to meet with republicans in the house. yesterday the gop released its plan to balance the budget in ten years and to do it without increasing taxes. president obama was asked about that budget in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work and if we do that we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we've controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement package then potentially what you have is balance but it's not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who have disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> and you can see that full interview coming up later today on "good morning america." also the president discussed
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a major hacking scandal targeting celebrities, but he refused to say if the information posted about the first lady is actually authentic. the fbi and secret service are now investigating a website claiming to have social security number, credit reports and other financial information on celebrities and some political big wigs including vice president joe biden and superstar beyonce. well, after years of debate colorado lawmakers have approved civil unions and the governor is expected to sign it. the legislation grants same-sex couples rights similar to those that come with marriage. the passage is considered a major political shift in a state where voters approved a gay marriage ban seven years ago. and from texas, we now know the next political step being taken by a rising star from the bush family. 36-year-old george p. bush filed papers yesterday to run for land commissioner of texas. it's a little known but actually powerful position in the lone star state. george p. is the son of former
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florida governor jeb bush and, of course, his grandfather and uncle were both president. well, tests on a rock -- test on rock samples collected on mars show the planet could have supported primitive life done by curiosity which drilled into the rock, crushed it and tested a tiny sample. nasa scientists say it contains clay minerals that formed in a watery environment favorable for microscopic organisms. all right. time for a check of the weather across the nation. new york, boston and philadelphia could see a leftover shower or too. the pineapple express brings heavy rain and possible flooding to seattle and it's a dry but cool day in florida. >> temperatures really warm up in the west with phoenix close to 90 in fact, salt lake city and boise are in the 60s. the midwest is still much cooler than normal with chicago struggling to stay above freezing today. meanwhile, it'll be pretty mild here in the northeast. all right. coming up, big news for boeing,
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its problem plague dreamliner could soon be back in the air. >> get ready for the return of the twinkie. the iconic treat coming soon to store shelves. sometimes heavily armed commando dolphins on the loose? we'll explain coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. wall street has squeaked out another record. the dow jones industrial average gained less than 3 points yesterday but that was enough to close at a new record high. it also continued the dow's longest winning streak in two years. eight straight days in an increase. the dreamliner is a little
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closer to getting back in the air this morning. the faa is giving boeing the green light to test its solutions for the lien's battery problems. all 787 jets have been grounded since mid-january when batteries on the two planes overheated. it's still not known whether dreamliners can start carrying passengers once again. a million more general motors cars may be added to a brake light recall. the lights may not come on when the pedal is pressed on some older chevy malibu and saturn aurares or may come on for no reason at all. gm chased the problem to the wiring connector. the twinkie has a new owner. sold to two investment offers. the sale still needs bankruptcy court approval. the buyers hope to begin restocking shelves by this summer. hostess products have not been
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available since november. google is admitting to a drive-by privacy breach. the search giant will pay $7 million to settle complaints that it collected personal data at its street view cars mapped it will be? and d.c., google will sponsor a campaign to teach people how to secure their wireless networks. and an institution known for teaching outdoor skills is addings is indoors. boy scouts who want to earn the new video game design merit badge must be able to analyze various games and understand the concept of intellectual property. other unusual merit badges, by the way, include nuclear science, fingerprinting and journalism. >> good to hear journalism is in there. like to hear that. all things change. >> i wonder what that badge looks like. next on this wednesday, the massive man hunt for several escaped prisoners. and a bad day on the courts as a golfer is literally swallowed by a sinkhole. we'll be right back. s
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with time release smart control technology. . there's a live look at the vatican where the cardinals have reconvened for another day of voting. they could cast up to four ballots today until one man gets the needed 77 votes and that, of course, would mean that the white smoke would pore from the top of the sistine chapel. now for a look at road conditions at home. minor flooding could make roads slippery in new england, heavy rain will be a challenge around the seattle area. a great day for air travel. no major airport declares. we don't say that a lot. that's good. >> that's true. all right, back to the news now. we now have a date for the trial of james holmes, the suspected gunman in the aurora, colorado, movie massacre. >> he was back in court with a thick beard and with his formerly orange hair now gone. the judge entered a not guilty plea for him after his attorney
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said they simply were not ready to enter a plea. he also set august 5th to start his trial. a double murder suspect is hospitalized oregon of a day-long standoff with police. the man who is believed to have killed his grandparents was holed up in a motel room yesterday. police had to send in a camera with a -- a robot with a camera on it to look inside. the suspect was later 230u7bdz with serious self-inflicted cuts brought to a hospital in critical condition. three inmates at a missouri jail are now back in custody after about 14 hours on the run. two of the men are murder suspects and the third is accused of shooting a couple during a break-in. they escaped through the ceiling of the jail on monday night. all of them were found about five miles away yesterday afternoon at a salvage yard where one of them used to work. the tsa is facing more backlash over its decision to allow pocket knives back on planes.
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american airlines became the third major carrier to urge the administration not to lift that ban and massachusetts congressman ed markey introduced a bipartisan measure called the no knives act opposing the rule change which is scheduled to go into effect come april 25th. and the ukraine is denying reports that it lost track of three military attack dolphins. in addition to finding underwater mines, the dolphins are trained to plant explosives on ships and then kill enemy divers with special weapons attached to their heads. it's not clear if the missing dolphins were armed when they escaped from their handlers during training exit polls. another sinkhole in the news this morning. this one in southern illinois. it opened up in the fairway of a golf course. the 18-foot deep hole swallowered a golfer last friday. the man injured his shoulder but rescued after 20 minutes, a state geology expert says it happened because it dissolved causing the ground to collapse.
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and now here's a look at some hoop highlights from espn. doug kezirian with your "sportscenter" update. no team in the nba hotter than the miami heat. nine-game lead in the east entering last night's action. heat looking for their 19th straight win hosting atlanta. ho-hum, alley hoop from dwyane wade to lebron james. 27 assists on 35 made field goals. here's lebron just being lebron. bowling over opponents, showing the athleticism and the court awareness dishing it to wade filling the lane. the break, second half now, d-wade, one of five heat that scored in double figures and led everyone with 23 points and then ray allen spotting up, no one in nba history has made more three-point field goal and miami cruises, 19 straight opening up a road trip. elsewhere, dwight howard returning to orlando for the first time can see off-season --
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as you would imagine some boo birds in the arena. howard, though, laying the smack-down, the big dunk, kobe dunk y-- was just deferring to him. elbow catching kobe in the face. he would get stitched up, and, of course, he's kobe bryant so he'll return top action. nice feed off steve nash and kobe, well, clearly, you got to guard kobe bryant. wide-open jumper, sticks it. magic also implemented the attack howard plan. howard tied his own nba record with 39 free throws attempted and he finished with 39.6 robins. lakers for the first time this season three games above .500. >> coming up next, "the pulse" and the 4,000 calorie burger. that's incredible. you got to see this thing. wow and the '70s hit "good times" coming back four decades
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♪ ♪ good times any time you need -- good times any time you feel free ♪ >> oh, we all know that one. time to check the pulse this morning, stories that got our attention overnight starting with this, hollywood is returning to the '70s, '70s tv at least for its latest production. this one will be dy-no-mite. that's right. "good times" coming to the big screen. >> the show was ground breaking in its day. when it first came to feature an african-american family. you will remember a young janet jackson who played penny gordon wood. there she is. >> that was a classic.
4:21 am
launched a lot of careers and to forgo calories one guy is doing it for fun. >> this is a bacon double cheeseburger created by a food blogger who isn't afraid to drop dead on the spot. instead of buns more cheese to hold it together. >> in addition to all that cheese, nearly a half bound of ground beef, six slices of bacon. more than 4,000 calorie in all. just a light snack for the heart conscious folks out there. send it on over to mississippi. all right. something very cool here. a dream come true for a freshman at vanderbilt university. he was there for billy joel's appearance at a event. >> when michael pollock got his chance he asked joel if they could perform "new york's state of mind" together and billy said sure. ♪ i'm in a new york state of
4:22 am
mind ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i've seen all the movie stars their fancy cars and their limousines ♪ >> well, pollack is from long island, new york, just like billy joel himself. he called their duet probably the greatest moment of his life so far. that is very cool that billy did that and sometimes you have to go for it. you don't know until you ask and the kid went for it and billy was cool and there you had that moment. i love it. >> i do want to clarify why i said mississippi because i know i'll get a lot of hate for that but mississippi lawmakers have determined they want to create -- a law called the anti-michael bloomberg which means no posting of calories and there was something else, oh, people can drink as much sugary drinks as they want. no ban on sugary drinks. >> or portion sizes. >> or portion sizes. that's the only reason i said that but i got a whole lot of love for you mississippi. >> viewers, send her the e-mail.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> i saw the fog coming up. >> more than a little bit. >> where is the fog, mike? >> we start with live doppler 7 hd. the fog is thickest in the north bay valley along the coast and as we head around the bay shore. not as widespread as yesterday. it will fade faster. that is why we will have warmer temperatures this afternoon. 68 to 74 around the bay. 74 to possibly 80 inland. the coast will have clouds and upper 50's to low 60's. sue? >> unfortunately, we start off with a fatal accident on the marin and sonoma border near antonio road north 101 a deer in
4:27 am
the right lane. traffic is slow in the area. there is no estimated time of getting in cleared. c.h.p. is on the scene investigateing. a fatality on the marin and sonoma border at san antonio. elsewhere, road work out there at 880, in the lanes until 5:00 this morning and southbound 285 between 237 and 280, you can see the road work. the golden gate bridge has socked in fog and it is slow. >> in vatican city the cardinals are taking a lunch break after sending a black smoke in the past hour indicating no pope has been selected. our reporter is joining us live from rome with the latest developments. marcy? >> we saw the black smoke an hour ago so that means the
4:28 am
cardinals voted twice this morning and still no one has the 77 votes needed to be elected pope. >> for the second time since the conclave began yesterday, black smoke poured from the small chimney. the world is waiting for white smoke signaling there is a new pope, but well have to wait. >> well run out when anything happens. we want to expense it. there is nothing we would rather do than be here experiencing history. >> after the disappointing darkness of the smoke pouring from above the cistene chapel signaling inconclusive vote, the cardinals return this morning with prayers for guidance at the 15 cast another round of ballots . >> the cardinals have very much on the mind they are human beings and they want to make the best choice possible but they could make a mistake. >> the bets are out on who could
4:29 am
be elected. online gambling say most money is on cardinal scola of italy and then the cardinal from brazil and the americans are not doing too badly. >> we have taken money on the americans recently, including dolan. >> what is happening behind the closed doors, the century old method of choosing the next leader, the election of the man who will lead the 1.2 billion catholics, taking another step forward today. >> like you said the cardinals are breaking for lunch and will be back this afternoon to vote again. we talked about what is happening on the inside, inside the closed doors. what about outside? what can you tell us about the crowds outside the vatican
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